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"One Crucial Thing" 2021, hosted by North Coast Ventures, was made possible thanks to the generous support of PNC.

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During this event, 24 leading founders, CEOs and business leaders from organizations ranging in size from early-stage to Fortune 500, shared one key thing to help drive success in a venture path company. The insights they shared address sales, marketing, leadership, equity, culture and more. This transfer of intellectual capital through constant interaction, free-flowing information and iterative learning is critical to support the startup community and we are grateful these prominent individuals donated their time and insights to create this event of shared perspective on those crucial things that make all the difference. 


Panelists for the 2021 edition of One Crucial Thing included:  

  • Mark Smucker, President & CEO of The J.M. Smucker Co.
  • Akhil Saklecha, Managing Director of Cleveland Clinic Ventures
  • David Gilbert, President & CEO of Destination Cleveland and Greater Cleveland Sports Commission
  • Shane Bigelow, CEO of CHAMPtitles, CEO of Vital Chain
  • Laura Bennett, Senior Vice President of e-Consumer, North America at Chubb
  • Bob Gilbreath, Co-Founder & CEO of Hearty, CO-Founder & CEO of Ahalogy
  • Dr. Rachel-Yvonne Talton, CEO of Synergy Marketing Strategy & Research
  • Scott Allen, Co-Founder of Captovation, Professor at John Carroll University 
  • Jeffrey Rohrs, Chief Marketing Officer of Filo
  • David Toth, Vice Chair of Engage! Cleveland, Growth Consultant of Winding River Consulting


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